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André Salmon

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André Salmon (October 4, 1881, Paris - March 12, 1969, Sanary-sur-Mer) was a French poet, art critic and writer. He was one of the defenders of cubism, with Apollinaire and Maurice Raynal.

Andre Salmon was born in Paris. During 1897-1902 he stayed in Saint Petersburg, first with his parents and then as an assistant in the chancellory of the French consulate.

In 1902 he returned to France for military service but due to weak physical condition was dismissed after a few months. In the first decade of the 20th century he mixed with literary circles of Paris' Latin Quarter. Then he met a young, then unknown poet Guillaume Apollinaire and with a group of young artists they formed an artistic group. In 1904 he moved into the Bateau-Lavoir and lived there with Picasso, Max Jacob and Apollinaire.

In 1964 he was awarded the Grand Prix for poetry by the French Academy.

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