Andre Derain

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André Dérain



fauve painter, fríend of Vlaminck, married to Alice Princet


1880 André Dérain is born the 17.of June in Chatou.

1895-1898 He starts painting as an autodidact.

1898-1900 works with Matisse in the Atelier Carrière and in Louvre.

1900 he meets Vlaminck and they together rent an atelier.

1901-1904 military service. Steady correspondence with Vlaminck.

Friends with Apollinaire.

1905 Vollard buys Derain's work.

1907 marries Alice Géry, whose acquaintance he made through Picasso

moves to Montmartre until 1910

1908 works with Picasso, Max Jacob, Van Dongen, Georges Braque, Dufy, Friesz.

Crisis in winter, destroys many works

1914-1918 goes to war.

1939 his son is born

1954 dies after a car accident.

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