"Apollinaire was very attravtive and very interesting. He had a head like one of the late roman emperors...


Guillaume was extraordinary brilliant and no matter what subject was started, if he knew anything about it or not, he quickly saw the whole meaning of the thing and elaborated it by his wit and fancy carrying it further than anybody knowing anything about it could have done, and oddly enough generally correctly...

The last time we saw him was after he had come back to Paris from the war. He had been badly wounded in the head and had had a piece of his skull removed. He looked very wonderful with his bleu horizon and his bandaged head. He lunched with us and we talked a long time together. He was tired and his heavy head nodded. He was very serious almost solemn. We went away shortly after ... and never saw him again.

Later Olga Picasso, the wife of Picasso, told us that the night of the armistice Guillaume Apollinaire died, that they were with him the whole evening and it was warm and the windows were open and the crowd passing were shouting, à bas Guillaume (down with emperor Willhelm) and as every one always called Guillaume Apollinaire Guillaume, even in his death agony it troubled him." (Gertrude Stein)



He was an important member of the Surrealists


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