Bert Brecht

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He aimed and worked during all his life for peace. Peace is necessary to develop life and to have evolution in art, he said. Independence of mind was the most important to him. As soon as it was menaced he withdrew himself: from the Bavarian province to Berlin, then, escaping war and fascism once around the world, finally to East-Berlin, where he hoped to get his own theatre, the „Berliner Ensemble“. His plays showed a radical new theatre: near to the public, sensual, entertaining and teaching , the „epic theatre“. He wrote 48 plays and about 2000 poems. No one – except Shakespeare – is presented more often throughout the world. The songs he made together with Hanns Eisler and Kurt Weil have become top-hits: The ballad of Mac the knife, the Alabama song and much more.


His wife Helene Weigel kept him free from organization and logistics to concentrate on his artistic work: He was faithful to her as he was faithful to others (as his daughter Barbara says). Elisabeth Hauptmann, Margarete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Regine Lutz, Käthe Reichel, Marie Luise Fleisser and others and more of these intelligent avantgarde women felt attracted by him and became members of his artistic collective. They worked for him up to sacrificing themselves.


Regine Lutz, remembering him: „He was.... he was..... (and you should see her face now) ... and the more he made laugh.......


Did he have knowledge of Picasso? He did. Under the date of June 20 1940 he wrote into his "Journal":

"bekomme bei der kritikerin Hagar Olsson eine französische kunstzeitschrift mit Picassos Guernica zu sehen (alle phasen). es macht starken eindruck auf mich, und ich nehme mir vor, in dieser richtung einmal etwas zu machen. das ist sehr wohl ein künstlerischer ausdruck der zeit, deren astronomen die welt mit dem bild einer platzenden granate erklaeren, barbarischer sturm, der eine welt zerschmiss, musischer sturm, der solche scherben zusammenfegte!"

He didn't see the original painting "Guernica", though he was in Paris, when it was exhibited in the Spanish pavillon of the World Exibition 1937. Later, he could see it in New YorkMuseum of Modern Art. Probably he saw the photograph-series, Dora Maar took while Picasso painted. Did they meet? I dont know.




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