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Nestor Burma

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Nestor Burma was born in Montpellier.

He leads a private-eye-agency "Fiat Lux" in Rue des Petits-Champs, Paris. In a certain point of view he IS Paris. Every new adventure of him takes place in another „arrondissement“ (district) of Paris. So if you want to know Paris during the 50es......

Nestor Burma is France's answer to Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade. He is L'homme qui Met le Mystère K.O. (the man who knocks out mystery), the détective de choc (the ace detective or the dynamite detective) of the Fiat Lux Agency, which other than himself, employs only one secretary hopelessly in love with her boss, Hélène, and the occasional freelance services of reformed burglar Zavatter. His usual nemeses are bumbling Police Commissioner Faroux (who nevertheless recognizes and appreciates Burma's undeniable detecting skills), and his assistant, Inspector Fabre (who truly hates Burma's guts).

Burma's favourite hobby is to play Saxophone

Burma's adventures begin during World War II, and then take place mostly during the late 1940ies and the 1950ies Burma's past is that of a reformed left-wing idealist who was once an anarchist.

His portrait and more facts here

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