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"Painting isn't an aesthetic operation; it's a form of magic designed as a mediator between this strange hostile world and us, a way of seizing power by giving form to our terrors as well as our desires." (Picasso)

Some things I know about him:

He was born very talented, like for example Giacometti too. His father, a painter, put the brushes away when he saw his boy's first painting.

Picasso came from Spain to Paris.

The famous atelier "Bateau Lavoir" on Montmartre hill, were he lived, loved and painted for years, is known by the famous party he gave for Rousseau "the customer". Naive and gentle Rousseau said on this occasion to Picasso: "We are the two most important painters, I in modern, you in Egyptian stile..."

Some of Picasso's wives: Fernande Olivier, Dora Maar, the sad woman, Francoise Gilot, Paloma (or is that the daughter?)...

Gertrude Stein, walking all the way from Montparnasse up to him , sat for a portrait. It was in the years of arising cubism. I am not looking like that! she used to say. Within the years, you'll get similar to it, Picasso answered.

He was a great addict to corrida, drew and painted bulls and cows and very often the minotaure.

Who made that? officers of Deutsche Wehrmacht asked, when they saw Picasso's "Guernica". You! he said.

In my youth - though we saw many paintings of him - "Picasso" was a synonym for "quite mad". You are Picasso! we used to say.

"He, small, quick moving but not restless, his eyes having a strange faculty of opening wide and drinking in what he wished to see. He had the isolation and movement of the head of a bull-fighter at the head of their procession." (Gertrude Stein)

During his blue period Pablo Picasso also painted laundry girls. In fact, as late as 1946, he was still using the term for its implications of despair. When he took girlfriend Fran├žoise Gilot to meet Germaine Pichot, his early model and lover, Picasso was about the same age as Pichot. Yet she was ill and toothless. The artist told Gilot that he had known her earlier as 'a young laundress'.
Picasso's biographer John Richardson puts it differently: "The wretched Germaine has been downgraded from 'model' to 'laundress'."

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