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Walter Benjamin

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Walter Benjamin




*15.7. 1892 in Berlin+26.9. 1940 in Portbou




extremely important Jewish-German Author, Philosopher and Translator. Along Michael Taussig a “Proustian Marxist". After he left Germany for ever - the Naziz took over - he passed two summers on the island of Ibiza, where he did long hiking in the mountains, like a leitmotiv for his life and the coming up Pyrenees....


In Lisa Fittko's opinion not a "Debrouilleur". (“Faut se debrouiller”)




Committed suicide with morphine in the Spanish bordertown of Portbou, after Lisa Fittko had brought him and a small group of migrants, running away from the Nazis on “Route F” from Banyuls sur Mer across mountains and border. This route F (Fittko) is available nowadays as a touring path.




 Exile in France and Danmark (Brecht) and Ibiza. 1926-27 in Paris.


Names and things....






M.Taussig, Walter Benjamins Grab, Lettre Winter 2007, !!!


Les Back, Beaches and Graveyards, Europe’s haunted borders, Eurozine 2008 !!!































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